Future Board ry

Future Board is a growth network  that shares the know-how,
silent knowledge and the network of board work.
Future Board is a network of young board professionals that grows young professionals to the boards of organizations and shares the future board knowledge. Our organization’s practical activity is focused on educating our members and sharing the knowledge.

For now we are only active in Finland but we are constantly growing an international network. Our dream is that on year 2020 we are internationally acknowledged quality learning platform of board professionals and the pioneer of the future board know-how.

We annual share A Young Board Professional of the Year -award. The award has been gived since 2014 for commendable young board professionals or –. The following people have received this honour:

2014: Taneli Tikka
2015: Petteri Walldén
2016: Lucas Geisler
2017: Paula Salastie
2018: Johanna Hamro-Drotz


We have been working for a better board developing already since 2012. Behind the practical activities of the organization is an operative board which is composed of the members of Future Board. With the board there are working an executive manager and communication and event coordinator.