We grow the future board professionals


One of the lifting themes os developing board professionals. To make this possible we organize events for our members with topical board topics around the main topic of the year. Events are open to all our members, no matter how much board experince is gained. The main topic of the year 2018 is Growth.

Future Board offers:
– Member events where the mebers of the network are able to share board knowledge
– Company visits, where the company shares experiences with practical examples
– Common events with out partners, where the knowledge of the theme is shared
– Opportunity to personal mentoring
– We also suggest HHJ-program (Hyväksytty Hallituksen Jäsen), which is held by the member of Future Board, Hallituspartnerit

In all the events there is on of our partners cooperating and bringing their professional knowledge of the field.

To ensure the international contacts the members are able to take part in almost traditional member trip to business destinations abroad. First inernational member trip was to Stocholm in summer 2016. The destination of the trip in 2017 was London. You can see the feelings of the trip in the following video. 
This year, 2018, we are heading to Berlin.